Licensure and Other Regulation of ABA Practitioners
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This page provides links to websites with information on laws to license or otherwise regulate practitioners of applied behavior analysis (ABA). For each jurisdiction there is a link to the website of the regulatory body (e.g., licensing board) or other government agency that issues (or will issue) licenses or other credentials to practice ABA in that jurisdiction. Unless the law is quite new, on that website you should find information or links to the relevant law and the current regulations or rules for implementing it, application forms, and other material. If such information is not on the site, it is probably because the law was just adopted recently so credentials are not yet being issued. In those instances we have provided links to the laws themselves.Specific questions about the law, regulations/rules, application procedures, etc. should be addressed to the regulatory body or agency. For most jurisdictions, there is also a link to the website of the behavior analysis organization(s) in that state, province, region, or country. Those organizations (where they exist) may have additional information about these laws as well as other local laws and regulations affecting the practice of ABA.

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