2020 Convention Program

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The program guide will be posted here when ready. See Schedule above for an overview of the convention schedule. Click here for a PDF of the 2019 convention program guide.  

Presentation formats

NOTE: The Thursday convention program comprises some workshops and working meetings. The full program on Friday and Saturday comprises keynote addresses, tutorials, symposia, panel presentations, panel discussions, student papers, workshops, and the poster session (Friday evening). Convention registration fees cover admission to all presentations except workshops. To attend a workshop, you must register in advance for the workshop as well as the convention.

All keynote addresses, tutorials, and workshops and some symposia and panels are invited by the Convention Committee. Submissions for symposia, panel presentations, panel discussions, student papers, and posters are peer-reviewed by the Convention Committee, which makes decisions on acceptances. 

BACB CEUs are available for most oral presentations (except student papers). 

Keynote address - A  50-minute oral presentation on a scientific, conceptual, policy, or practical topic with broad relevance to the practice of ABA. Keynote addresses are non-competing, i.e., nothing else is scheduled at the same time.

Tutorial - A 50-minute oral presentation on recommended assessment or intervention procedures, conceptual issues, ethical or professional behavior, public policies, or recent developments in the profession.

Symposium - Oral presentations of three research papers on the same topic or related topics with a discussant, or four papers with no discussant. Session duration is 90 minutes.

Panel presentation - Three or four non-research oral presentations designed to provide information or instruction on a topic in the practice of ABA. Session duration is 90 minutes.

Panel discussion - Brief oral comments on an issue or topic in the practice of ABA by 4-5 panelists, followed by active discussion among panelists and audience members. Session duration is 90 minutes. 

Student paper - A 15-minute oral description of an original (i.e., unpublished) study with written feedback on content and presentation style provided privately to the presenter by audience members. The presenting author must have been a student when the study was conducted. Papers are grouped in sessions of 60 - 90 minutes by the Convention Committee.

Poster - A visual presentation of an original (i.e., unpublished) study on a poster approximately 4 ft. x 4 ft. in size. Posters are presented in conjunction with the Friday evening reception. 

Workshop - A presentation designed to provide practical information or intensive didactic instruction on a specific topic in the practice of ABA. Workshops are 2 - 6 hours in duration.  




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