Frequently Asked Questions

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  • I’m a BCBA or a BCaBA. Doesn’t that automatically make me a member of APBA?

    No; APBA and the Behavior Analyst Certification Board are independent of one another. People who were credentialed by the BACB as of August 2008 were offered an initial membership in APBA courtesy of a special organization membership purchased by the BACB. That organization membership expired as of August 31, 2009, so from that date forward, BACB certificants who wish to be members of APBA must apply and pay dues on their own. The BACB did not provide APBA with any information about individual certificants who were part of the ’08-’09 organization membership, so we need to have all BCBAs and BCaBAs complete the membership application to ensure that we have current information in our database.

  • I’m a member of another behavior analysis association. Doesn’t that automatically make me a member of APBA?

    No. APBA is independent of other national, state, regional, and provincial behavior analysis organizations.

  • I registered for a conference where there was an APBA track. Didn’t the registration fee include my APBA membership dues?

    No, APBA dues are not currently included in the registration fees for any conferences.

  • Some time ago I set up a profile on the APBA website. I thought that meant I was a member, but I cannot log in or access members-only sections of the website.

    The web profile is separate from membership, though once you become a paid member of APBA your web profile will reflect your membership status. If you set up a web profile prior to August 31, 2009 (or at any other time) but have not yet applied for membership and paid your dues, you will need to do that in order to access the members-only sections of the website and to receive the APBA Reporter.

  • I submitted an application for membership, but when I try to log in to I get a message saying that I’m not a member. What’s up with that?

    Your membership application is not complete until your dues payment has been processed. If you submitted an application prior to about March 1, 2010, you should have received an email message indicating whether your application had been approved and if so, how to pay your dues. If you did not receive that message, please check your junk or spam mailbox, as those messages are sometimes flagged as spam. If you still can’t find it, email us at After your dues payment has been received and entered into our database, you should receive an email receipt and instructions about how to activate your membership.

  • When I try to pay my dues online, I get an error message that my payment cannot be processed. What gives?

    That error message usually results when the security checks built into our payment authorization system find a mismatch between the address that was entered and the address that is on record for the credit card. Please try again with a different address or a different credit card, but be sure to use the same email address you put on your membership application or our database won’t recognize you. Payment by credit card is very strongly recommended and the fastest means of getting your membership activated. Alternatively, you can pay via PayPal or (least preferred) send a check payable to Association of Professional Behavior Analysts to APBA, 34435 Camino del Rio South, Suite 103, San Diego, CA 92108.

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