Sustaining Members

Below are members who have elected to support APBA's vital work on behalf of ABA practitioners and consumers by adding $100 to their regular membership dues to become Sustaining Members.

Please consider joining them by choosing this option when you join or renew your membership.


 APBA Sustaining Members

  Andrea Holladay    James Holtz      Mary Collins     Thomas Zwicker
  Bradley Frieswyk    Jim Johnston    Matthew Tyson    William Ahearn
  Bryan Davey    Joseph Mitchell    Michelle Dunham  
  Carey Motohiro    Karen Harper    Ngoc To  
  Christopher Jones    Kristin Hall    Olivia Winstead  
  Claudio Rodriguez    Kristin Hanson    Sara Litvak  
  David Lennox    Lori Russo    Shiri Bartman  
  Dwayne White    Martha Felker    Summer Adam  
  Henry Roane    Mary Riordan    Tanya Wilson  
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